Willet is the quintessential deviled ham and plays the part of Applegate to the hilt...
Manteca Bulletin

Sexy, Exhilerating "Damn Yankees" is a Smash Hit!!!
It's one of the most successful stagings ever mounted by MPA.
Modesto Bee

As Applegate, Willet's antics drew roars
from Saturday's audience...
Modesto Bee

MPA's final production of the summer,
"Damn Yankees"is a terrifically entertaining, high-energy show that touches all the bases and commits very few errors.
Manteca Bulletin

Tall, dark and athletic,
He shapes a frank butler who is essentially proud, affectionate and relatively vulnerable,
Rather that the fat-headed egotist
That butler usually seems to be...

Willet balances perfectly...
In a performance that carries a tinge of irony

... His most notable songs - solo or duets -
Are the show's sweetest...
Modesto Bee

"1940's RADIO HOUR "
Vernon Willet has the suave, cocky assurance of crooner and ladies' man Johnny Cantone down pat. He easily reminds one of Sinatra and Crosby with his crooning of
" Our Love is Here To Stay. "
It's Showtime

As male star Johnny Cantone, Vernon Willet shows a man losing his grip. His star is getting rattled......
Los Angeles Times

Flawless are the musical skills of (Don) Eitner's cast.....
Vernon Willet is surprisingly empathetic as Johnny Cantone,
the show's self-centered, smooth-talking leading man... Orange County Register

Willet's Pirate King makes the most of comedy and bombast!
The Daily Breeze, Redondo Beach

Vernon Willet is audaciously agile, acrobatic and attractive.
He bares his chest and ostensibly swallows his sword!
What a show off he is!!
How endearing his flamboyant efforts, how transparent his simulated ferocity.
Drama Logue's Critic's Choice, LA

In a commanding, acrobatic performance, Vernon Willet 's (Pirate King) retains comedic bite while moving non-stop."
Los Angeles Times, LA

Actor Vernon Willet is sly and supercilious as the Pirate King.
His timing is slick in bit after bit, his salacious demeanor's a great big hit, and his shiny purple tights are a really nice fit. Young Mr. Willet is an old pro who knows exactly what he's doing every minute on stage, and it works.
Easy Reader, Redondo Beach

Vernon Willet is the Pirate King, and a devilishly dashing, swashbuckling pirate he is! When he's on stage, your eyes are simply riveted on him, the better to catch every nuance of which he is a master - a graceful flip of the hand, an eyebrow quirked ever so slightly,
a sly hint of a smile. He's perfectly wonderful!
Worcester Magazine, Worcester

Vernon Willet plays the part of the "Pirate King" with ease and flair.
Sentinel & Enterprise, Worcester

Vernon Willet is the very model of a Pirate King, all strut and suavity.
Boston Common, Boston

Pirate King Vernon Willet's buoyantly confident -
almost boyish in his playful pirate's demeanor .
The News, Worcester

The Pirate King is ruthless, brave, battle-ready, image conscious,
confident and handsome.
Vernon Willet plays the role to a fare-thee-well,
swashing and occasionally buckling.
Ware River News, Worcester

...ends up drawing attention to Vernon Willet as the King...
Willet paints an eccentric, chirpy ruler whose bravado can't mask his glimmerings of self doubt. Willet also has a good time putting a Siamese spin upon his English.
Orange County Register, Orange

A solid production of the Rogers and Hammerstein classic...
Vernon Willet showed much hauteur and grandeur as the King.
Frontiers Magazine, LA

Vernon Willet brings a softer, gentler King to the stage
and has a fine voice…

This DCLO cast has recaptured all the magic and then some…

Vernon Willet is a worthy King in a fine DCLO production…

Veteran Broadway actor Vernon Willet and regular Ann Peck
were well-paired in the lead roles - the King and Anna -
as both are strong character actors

Willet and Peck provide the humor in a lavish
production of a classic musical…

Willet is very funny as the King of Siam. He exudes confidence and insecurity in all the right places as he struts around with the innate dominance of a king.

There are very tender moments between Anna and the King…

…In the beauty of the show and it's scenes…

What direction! Baby, what a cast! Baby, what a show!
Elizabeth Smith and Vernon Willet excellently play both sides of the emotions. In the intimate space of the Golden Theater, exploring their souls as completely as these two do is no easy acting trick...
* Critic's Choice * Drama Logue, LA

Willet's comedy is lower keyed and quite disarming. A nice voice too.
Los Angeles Daily News, LA

Willet has the virile voice and looks of a guy who must be truly crushed to learn that the fertility problem is his...
Los Angeles Times, LA


"Vernon Willet sings beautifully as brash Billy Crocker"
* Critics' Choice * Drama Logue

Vernon Willet is a suave Billy Crocker who matches (Karen) Morrow
in vocal sophistication.
Los Angeles Times

Beginning to sound more and more like Danny Kaye, crooner Willet's voice is ready for Broadway.
Beach Reporter, Redondo Beach

Vernon Willet is a great choice for the thankless Dick Powell male ingenue, offering many hilarious new colors to such an underwhelming role.
Entertainment Today, LA

Actor Vernon Willet is a triple threat.
His Billy Crocker is a winning combination of singer, dancer
and accomplished actor. His relaxed delivery is a pleasure to watch.
Easy Reader, LA